Holy Ghost 2021

A One-Day Halloween Tournament with Goofy Costumes and Rules. Date TBD.

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  • Individual registration, random teams.

  • Goofy rules every inning (read special rules below for full details)!

  • Costumes (prizes for best male & female costume), hot cider, cocoa, candy

  • FREE (with suggested donation at door to offset costs)

  • Registration is requested. Every team is guaranteed 2 games with a maximum of 3.

Special Rules


  1. 50 minute games

  2. Pumpkin Rule: Any baserunner can pick up a pumpkin next to 1B. If that players gets out while holding it, this immediately ends the inning. If the players holding the pumpkin scores, it's worth a total of 3 runs.

  3. Unlimited HRs allowed.

Per inning:

  1. 1st Inning: Reverse Baserunning. Run the bases the other direction, starting with 3rd base. Runners accidentally running too far toward 1B out of the batter's box will be called out.

  2. 2nd Inning: One-pitch. Each batter gets one pitch. It's either a strike (strike out), ball (walk), or it's hit.

  3. 3rd Inning: 3-minute Inning. The offense tries to score as many runs as it can in 3 minutes. The offense supplies its own pitcher to pitch while the defense is made up of players from the other team. Any time three outs are made, the bases are cleared. Innings end at three minutes. If a pitcher touches a batted ball, dead-ball is called, and the batter is out.

  4. 4th Inning: Kickball. Softballs are replaced with a mini-kickball. Baserunners can be thrown out if they get hit by a thrown kickball (just like kickball rules).

  5. 5th Inning: Bat and throw opposite. Fielders must throw the ball with their opposite hand. Hitters must bat with their opposite hand.

  6. 6th Inning and on: Normal USSSA rules.