Serving Christ through sports, service, and spiritual events.

Mondays & Thursdays @ Pioneer Park

Upcoming events:

Mondays through 10/16

Men's softball @ Pioneer Park (6:30-9:30pm)

Thursdays through 10/12

Coed softball @ Pioneer Park (6-10pm)

New long sleeves and onesies on sale!

17 seasons since 2015

900+ community

4 retreats & 800+ service hours

"You can tell that the league is literally changing people's lives, which is incredible to see." 

- Summer 2022 feedback

"It's a great way to come together in community and meet other Catholics trying to live out a life of faith." 

- Fall 2020 feedback

"I was in awe by how much both current and new players embody the goodness of God through the fun activity that is softball."

- Summer 2022 feedback