Summer registration opens Saturday, March 2 at noon!

Upcoming events:


Broomball Tournament

Cancelled due to poor ice conditions!

2/25, 5-7pm


Week 4 of league-play at St. Anthony Village High School

3/2, Noon

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Find stocking caps, long sleeves, and other winter stuff.

18 seasons since 2015

950+ community

4 retreats & 800+ service hours

"You can tell that the league is literally changing people's lives, which is incredible to see." 

- Summer 2022 feedback

"It's a great way to come together in community and meet other Catholics trying to live out a life of faith." 

- Fall 2020 feedback

"I was in awe by how much both current and new players embody the goodness of God through the fun activity that is softball."

- Summer 2022 feedback