Holy Ghost Softball Tournament

A one-day Halloween tournament with wacky costumes and rules.


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  • Full details coming soon...

  • Tournament will take place late October at Pioneer Park in Little Canada

  • Cost: $5 per player, individual sign ups

  • Includes a BBQ (food and drink) and Costume Contest! Prizes will be awarded for the best male and female costume.

Also, to celebrate All Hallows' Eve, you may submit the name of a loved one (family or friend) who has passed away, whom we will pray for and honor at our November adoration event.


  • Teams will be evenly randomized with 10 players per team (maximum of 12 teams)

  • Round-robin style - 40 minute games

  • Every team is guaranteed 3 games

  • Top four teams will play in a bracket for the championship

Special Rules

Per inning:

  1. 1st inning: Reverse Base Running

  2. 2nd inning: One Pitch (your team pitches to you)

  3. 3rd inning: Entire Lineup Bats

  4. 4th inning: Wiffleball

  5. 5th inning: Bat and Throw Opposite (bracket games only - not for pool play)

  6. 6th inning: Normal USSSA rules

Plus a new Pumpkin Runner Rule this year!