Holy Ghost softball tournament

A one-day Halloween tournament with wacky costumes and rules.

  Saturday, October 21, 1-5pm
  Includes costume contest
  Only $5


Also, as we celebrate All Hallows' Eve, if you would like to submit the name of a loved one (family or friend) who has passed away, we will be praying for and honoring each of them in a special way.

Registration closes Thursday, October 19th at 11pm. Space is limited, so we suggest registering now to secure your spot!


Special Rules

Each inning is worth one point. The team that scores the most runs during an inning gets a point for that inning. Team with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

Pumpkin Rule (subject to change): Any baserunner can pick up a pumpkin next to 1B. If that players gets out while holding it, this immediately ends the inning. If the player holding the pumpkin scores, it's worth a total of 3 runs. (Once per inning)

Per inning (subject to change):